Beer On Tap

Experimental Amber Ale (TEMPORARILY KICKED)

Style: American Amber, ABV: 5.5%

A delicious blend of vienna malt, special roasthouse malt, and nugget hops make for a very sessionable experiment in brewing.

Frolic Smash

Style: Single Malt/Single Hop American Pale Ale, ABV: 5.5%

This brew is a way of showcasing one malt variety and one hop variety. In this case, we use pale malt and nugget hops. Light colored and well balanced.

Hayloft Hayz

Style: New England IPA, ABV: 7%

Our flagship IPA is a hazy combo of pale malt, pilsner malt, and oatmeal, which can only be described as the color of hay. This style requires a water profile with very high mineral content. All hops - centennials, chinooks, cascades, and nuggets - are added post boil in different stages of the whirlpool.  This gives the beer a big hop flavor with low bitterness.

Holiday Ale (NEW 12/6/18)

Style: Holiday Spiced Ale, ABV: 7.5%

A blend of dark and crystal malts with a major portion of local honey combined with orange peels and a subtle spiciness from cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh ginger.

Lowbrow Nobility Wheat (NEW 12/5/18)

Style: American Wheat, ABV: 5.4%

Half of the grain bill for this easy drinker comes from white wheat malt while the other half consists of a blend of pale and pilsner malts.  We only used cascade hops in this one, locally sourced from Royce Road hop farm, adding them late in the boil and for dry hopping.

Mill Stream Cream

Style: Cream Ale, ABV: 5.5%

Our ultra-smooth and approachable beer is one that everyone can certainly enjoy – it is a true blue-collared ale. Pale malt and light crystal malt create the base while flaked corn and corn sugar dry out the finish with just enough of a taste of williamette hops.

Perseverance IPA

Style: India Pale Ale, ABV: 6% 

Our house IPA is a blend of pale, crystal, vienna, amber, and chocolate malts that results in a brilliant color and a sweet malt backbone in this throwback to how IPAs used to be. Heavily hopped with Cascades, Chinooks, and Centennials in mostly late kettle additions.

Portage Trail Porter

Style: Porter, ABV: 5.5%

A dark brew with a blend of pale malt and oatmeal that creates a sweet front, while the combination of flaked barley, chocolate malt, and highly roasted crystal malt give middle and backend notes of chocolate and dark fruits. Lightly hopped just to balance some of the sweetness of the malts.

Rebellion Stout

Style: Oatmeal Stout, ABV: 5.5%

A heavy combo of dark roasted barley and medium roasted crystal malt give this beer its unique dark color and notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. The oatmeal gives it a slick mouthfeel and rich body. Pale malt and flaked barley add the fermentables and a hint of sweetness.  Rounding out this dark beer is a small amount of hops to balance the flavor.

Scott's Tavern Ale

Style: British Strong Ale, ABV: 7.75%

Our big, bold, malt forward ale. Amber, medium crystal, and chocolate malts give this beer a darker color with layers of flavor and a pronounced alcohol punch from the massive dose of pale malt. A modest amount of willamette hops round out the flavor of a beer perfect to enjoy beside a warm hearth.

Stark Raving Mad

Style: British Strong Ale, ABV: 7.75%

Our Scott’s Tavern Ale with post-fermentation additions of roasted coffee and vanilla provide a full array of additional flavors.

Twisted Tree Hard Cider

Style: Hard Apple Cider, ABV: 6.0% 

Locally sourced, fresh pressed apple cider fermented with beer yeast and brown sugar to create a modest ABV. Leaving some residual sweetness, we create a pallet to balance the flavor post-fermentation and actually make it taste like a glass of fresh cider, only hard.